What was your childhood dream? Do you remember all of them? We are sure that you do not remember them all. For example - do you remember about Santa Claus? Haven't you dreamed about meeting him, to know him, or even see him at least? Finally - if have  not dreamed about it, to get something from him, and in the meantime have received something else? And finally - haven't you dreamed about writing him a letter with a request for a gift, or the one that would be saying whether you were or were not  were polite and resentment for last year, but you have received not eactly the thing that you have asked him for? Well, surely many of you have written such letters during childhood, but - how many of you have received an answer? How many of you have received letter from Santa Claus? Probably not everyone. And Santa's not feeling good about it, that he did not manage to answer all the letters, working very hard throughout the year. Yes, Santa works all year long, not just on Christmas Eve. What is this, do not you remember that in his own name-day he distributes gifts to the others other - he puts them into shoes and socks. Who does these things in their own name-day?! Crazy guy, you might think. No - a holy one. Okay, but it's only December, you might think. Well, no, it's not just in December. For the rest of the year (spent on North Pole, which averages favors spending free time!) 

Santa Claus supervises the work of the elfish toy factory (elfs- small, high-pitched beings who still sings- try not to go crazy; the world record in this challenge belongs to the Santa Claus who stands their sing and dance elves for more than two hours. Well over two hours now) and training the reindeers - you think it is so easy to train Your entire flok (flok, right?) of reindeer to make sure, that on Christmas Eve they will be able to take you to every house and help you get inside (not always through the chimney!). As you can see Santa Claus is still working, and still - letters from Santa Claus are being written by him. What should I do to receive letters from Santa Claus? Do you need to be polite? Nothing of the sort! I mean you have to, but everyone can get letters from Santa Claus, no matter how naughty they were. Just write to him first. And here's a little advice - do not write that in 1997, did not get what they wanted. Have some empathy and good manners! Give thanks to him for gifts and for the work he does  throughout the year (yes, all year round!). Give thanks to him for all the gifts and tell how Your Christmas tree looks like. Tell him how your holidays look like. You will receive letters from Santa Claus, in which he will tell you about life at the North pole, about his work. Surely he'll ask you if you were polite - do not lie, because he still knows whether you were or not. In addition - writing letters to gratify his good deed, because the Santa is bored a little on the North pole. So remember - please write letters to Santa Claus and recieve letters from the Santa- It's that easy!

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